ASIAA/CCMS/IAMS/LeCosPA/NTU-Phys Joint Colloquium, Fall 2012 - Spring 2013

Date Speaker Title Host
2012/09/25 Prof. Sachio Komamiya (U. Tokyo) History of Particle Physics and Linear Collider (pdf) Wei-Shu Hou (Phys)
2012/10/02 Prof. Shuan-Shweng Liu (U. Maryland) Laser Acceleration of charged particles in plasmas (pdf) Pisin Chen (LeCosPA)
2012/10/09 Prof. Fong Chao (AS) When modern Earth Science meets ancient Chinese legends (pdf) Minghwei Hong (Phys)
2012/10/16 Prof. Chi-Kuang Sun (NTU, EE Dept.) Molecular Imaging -- Research at the Molecular Imaging Center of National Taiwan University (pdf) Michitoshi Hayashi (CCMS)
2012/10/23 Prof. Gary Horowitz (UCSB) Using General Relativity to Study Condensed Matter (pdf) Jiunn-Wei Chen (Phys)
2012/10/30 Prof. James Hwang (Lehigh Univ, USA) Novel Materials and Devices for Millimeter-wave and THz Applications (pdf) Minghwei Hong (Phys)
2012/11/06 Prof. Jean Turner (UCLA) Molecular Gas and Star Formation in Galaxies (pdf) Hiro Takami (ASIAA)
2012/11/13 Prof. Yoshihiro Iwasa (U. Tokyo) Emergent Iontronics (pdf) Lain-Jong Li (IAMS)
2012/11/20 Prof. Xiao-Gang He (NCTS, NTU-Phys) The HMW Topological Phase (pdf) Ting-Wai Chiu (Phys)
2012/11/27 Prof. Din-Ping Tsai (RCAS,AS & NTU Phys) Light Manipulation by Plasmonic Metamaterials Ting-Wai Chiu (Phys)
2012/12/04 Prof. Tung-Mow Yan (Cornell) Quest For Laws of Nature and Why We Care (pdf) Pauchy Hwang (Phys)
2012/12/11 Prof. Iwao Ohmine (IMS, Japan) Water Dynamics; Fluctuation, Phases Transitions and Reactions (pdf) Kaito Takahashi (IAMS)
2012/12/18 Prof. Guido Tonelli (CMS Collaboration) The discovery of a Higgs-like boson with the CMS detector: latest results and implications for the quest for new physics. (pdf) Wei-Shu Hou (Phys)
2012/12/25 Prof. Martin L. Green (NIST, USA) Materials for Sustainable Development (pdf) Michitoshi Hayashi (CCMS)
Winter Break
2013/02/26 Prof. Motohide Tamura (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan) Results from the Subaru Telescope SEEDS Project: Direct Imaging of Exoplanets and Their Forming Disks Hiro Takami (ASIAA)
2013/03/05 Prof. Martin Bucher (Center for APC, U of Paris, France) Observations of the cosmic microwave background from COBE to WMAP to Planck and beyond (pdf) Pisin Chen (LeCosPA)
2013/03/12 Prof. Jurgen Kirschner (Max-Planck Institute, Germany) Experiments on the exchange-correlation hole in solids (pdf) Minn-Tsong Lin (Phys)
2013/03/19 Prof. Teruaki Suyama (U. Tokyo) Origin of the inhomogeneous structure of the Universe (pdf) Pisin Chen (LeCosPA)
2013/03/26 Prof. Chen-Yuan Dong (NTU Physics) Advances in Nonlinear Optical Microscopy for Biophysical Research (pdf) Ting-Wai Chiu (Phys)
2013/04/02 Prof. Toshio Matsumoto (ASIAA) A search for the light of the first stars; The enigma of the near-infrared background Hiro Takami (ASIAA)
2013/04/09 Prof. Yi-Wei Liu (NTHU) The proton size puzzle (pdf) Ting-Wai Chiu (Phys)
2013/04/16 Prof. Ting-Kuo Lee (Academia Sinica) Unexpected physical properties of high temperature superconductors (pdf) Michitoshi Hayashi (CCMS)
2013/04/23 Prof. J. Schaefer (IEEE distinguished Lecturer) Magneto-Optic Analysis of Magnetic Microstructures Jen-Hwa Hsu (Phys)
2013/04/30 Prof. Wei Lee (NCTU) One-dimensional photonic crystals containing memory-enabling liquid-crystal defect layers Chen-Yuan Dong (Phys)
2013/05/07 Prof. Y.H. Chang (AMS Collaboration) The First Result from the AMS-02 experiment – positron ratio in the primary cosmic rays (pdf) Pisin Chen (LeCosPA)
2013/05/14 Prof. Fu-Jen Kao (NYMU) Conceiving the Future of Microscopy, beyond Diffraction Limit (pdf) Michitoshi Hayashi (CCMS)
2013/05/21 Prof. Raynien Kwo (NTHU) Emergent low power technology: From III-V nanoelectronics to spin currentronics (pdf) Minghwei Hong / Minn-Tsong Lin (Phys)
2013/05/28 Prof. Andrew Fabian (Cambridge Univ) Astrophysical Black Holes (pdf) Hiro Takami (ASIAA)
2013/06/04 Prof. Sinya Aoki (YITP) Nuclear forces from quarks and gluons (pdf) Ting-Wai Chiu (Phys)
2013/06/11 Prof. Chong-Sun Chu (NTHU) Novel Geometry and Symmetry in String The (pdf) Ting-Wai Chiu (Phys)