Novel Geometry and Symmetry in String Theory

Prof. Chong-Sun Chu (朱創新教授)


    Einstein theory of gravity is a classical theory and breaks down at places where spacetime curvature is huge. The incompleteness of Einstein gravity suggests that our current understanding of spacetime as a continuous manifold can only be an approximated one and should be replaced by something more fundamental at the quantum level. The currently favored candidate for a theory of quantum gravity is string theory. This is much more symmetrical than a particle-based theory. It unifies all forces and matter fields in a natural way, as modes of a single string. Moreover, because gravity is naturally incorporated and it is a promising candidate for a theory of quantum gravity. In this talk, I will first briefly explain what string theory is. Then I will focus on some of the novel aspects of geometry and symmetry in string theory which are thought to be relevant for the description of the quantum nature of spacetime.

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