Nuclear forces from quarks and gluons

Prof. Sinya Aoki (C V] б)


    In 1935, Dr. Hideki Yukawa, whom our institute was name after, explained nuclear forces which bind nucleons (protons and neutrons) inside nuclei, by an exchange of new particles, called pi mesons. In the present knowledge, both nucleons and pi mesons are made of more fundamental objects, quarks and gluons, whose dynamics is described by Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD). In this talk, I introduce our recent attempt to derive the nuclear forces from quarks and gluons using numerical simulations in lattice QCD, QCD defined on discrete space time, lattice. We first explain the strategy to extract the potentials in quantum field theories in detail. We then employ our method to derive the nucleon-nucleon potential in lattice QCD. We finally discuss recent progresses of the method applied to various systems such as hyperon-nucleon, hyperon-hyperon, meson-baryon and 3 nucleons.

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