Emergent low power technology:

From III-V nanoelectronics to spin currentronics

Prof. J. Raynien Kwo


    As driven by continual demands of enhanced-transport in channels and reducing power dissipation to push for the ultimate CMOS, new materials and novel device physics are playing a critical role. High carrier mobility channel materials based on III¡VV compounds and Ge are now the viable solutions. This talk gives an overview on extensive efforts undertaken in realization of inversion-channel high κ/InGaAs MOSFET as an imminent technology. The engineering of this key high κ/InGaAs interface on the atomic level has led to resolving the long-standing puzzle of the interplay between interfacial structures and electronic properties. Record-high device electrical performances have been demonstrated in the self-aligned inversion-channel InGaAs MOSFETs.

    Looking ahead, a number of alternative technology candidates have emerged on the horizon. For spintronic research, the talk also covers recent progresses made in generating pure spin currents for low dissipation spin transport.

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