Unexpected physical properties of high temperature superconductors

Prof. Ting-Kuo Lee (李定國 教授)


    Since the discovery of high temperature superconductors, it has been demonstrated again and again that whenever better samples are prepared and more sophisticated and higher accuracy measurements are used, there is always a new surprise, for example: s-wave paring is changed to d-wave pairing, spin-gap, Fermi arc and pseudogap, dichotomy of nodal and antinodal regions, inhomogeneous states like stripes and checker board, large distribution of gap magnitudes, two gaps in superconducting state, Fermi surface pockets, time reversal symmetry broken without breaking translational symmetry, phase fluctuation vs. Gaussian fluctuation, etc.. In this talk, I shall speculate the reason for this complexity in cuprates based on our understanding of the solutions of the t-J model. In particular I shall use our recent works on stripes and phase fluctuation as examples.

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