Origin of the inhomogeneous structures of the universe

Prof. Teruaki Suyama


    How our universe evolved since its beginning into what it is today? What is the ultimate origin of the inhomogeneous structures such as galaxies and stars? Inflation, which is thought to have happened in the very early universe and has become a standard paradigm of cosmology, predicts that the inhomogeneities are generated from the quantum field fluctuations. Many theoretical models have been proposed to convert such field fluctuations to the earliest observable inhomogeneities in the sky, i.e. the temperature anisotropies of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB). I will review some representative theoretical models of generation of the inhomogeneities within the inflationary paradigm. Then, I will discuss how different models predict different observational signatures in the CMB, particularly focusing on the statistics of the anisotropies of the CMB which are now becoming powerful observables to constrain the theoretical models. I will also touch the current situation of to what extent the observations can distinguish and exclude the proposed models of the early universe.

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