Prof. Motohide Tamura

Prof.  Motohide Tamura

Brief Bio

    Dr. Tamura is the pioneer and one of the key persons for observational studies of extrasolar planets and their formation in Japan. He received his Ph.D degree at Kyoto University. After working at National Optical Astronomical Observatories at USA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, he has been for NAOJ for many years and lead several projects related to exoplanets (both orbiting around stars and free-floating), star and planet formation, and infrared instrumentation. He is now the head of the exoplanet project office at NAOJ, and leading an international large survey for exoplanets and disks using Subaru, one of the largest optical and infrared telescopes in the world. He has been awarded Daiwa-Adrian Award, Hayashi Award, and AOGS/PS Distinguished Lecturer.

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