Light Manipulation by Plasmonic Metamaterials

Prof. Din Ping Tsai (蔡定平 教授)


    Plasmonic metamaterials composited of artificial, subwavelength structures with extraordinary properties which cannot be found in nature. The development of plasmonic metamaterials has potentials for new frontier of science including engineering, physics, biology and chemistry. During the past decade, applications based on surface plasmon polaritons (SPP) have been extensively developed in the field of optoelectronics, such as plasmonic circuitry, nanolasers, ultrahigh-efficiency sensor, photovoltaics, super-resolution imaging, and various two-dimensional plasmonic lens. Here, we design, fabricate and integrate both of planar and three dimensional plasmonic metamaterials for more realization on coupling effects between plasmonic metamaterials and practical applications, such as electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) through magnetic interaction, toroidal metamaterials, light manipulation via nanostructures and meta-surface, and optical hybrid-superlens hyperlens for super resolution imaging. Moreover, high throughput of multilayer structures by laser direct writing (LDW) technology also has been discussed and reported. Our findings may lead to many interesting applications, such as three-dimensional projector, polarization and spectral beam splitters, ultra-sensitive refractive sensor, and surface plasmon coupler.

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