The HMW Topological Phase

Prof. Xiao Gang He (何小剛 教授)


    Quantum mechanics predicts the existence of topological phase in interference phenomena. One of the most famous examples is the AB phase predicted by Aharonov and Bohm in 1959. It has been shown that there are several classes of topological phases involving electromagnetic interactions. In 1993, He and McKellar predicted the existence of a topological phase due to a particle with an electric dipole moment moving in a closed path which encloses a finite magnetic monopole density. A year later Wilkens also obtained the same result. This phase is called the HMW phase. This phase does not depend on how the path encloses the monopole density and therefore a topological one. Recently, it has been claimed that this phase has been observed in atom interferometry experiment. In this talk I will discuss in details the HMW phase and the experimental efforts to measure it.

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