Emergent Iontronics

Prof. Yoshihiro Iwasa ( q б)


    In your mobile phones, there are two kinds of important devices, billions of transistors and a battery. The transistor controls electron flow in a semiconductor to enable processing and storage of information, while the latter stores electrochemical energy for driving the former. In the last decade, devices with combined concepts of transistors and batteries, electrochemical transistors, are receiving increasing interests, because they can offer new opportunities beyond conventional current switching functions of all solid transistors. One of surprises comes from a simple replacement of solid gate dielectrics in field effect transistors (FETs) with electrolytes, which produces an innovative concept of field effect phase control in a variety of materials, including superconductors, ferromagnets, Mott insulators, and even metals. Current status of emergent iontronics, electronics based on ionic functions, will be reviewed.

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